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Hey Guys, WP PRE_SOLD PRO is now live.   If you’re not generating consistent commissions as an affiliate you NEED to see this. A new software was just released that enables you to literally turn ANY webpage on the web to Your “pre-sell” page With your affiliate links See a FULL demo here: Here are […]


This one little “social mistake” can make people hate you (don’t do it…)

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Imagine you’re at a meetup, and you’re having a conversation about something that just happened in the news. While making your point, you mispronounce a word… and someone interjects, “Well, actually, you’re supposed to say it like this…” And there you are. You’re in the middle of a group of 5 people, and this person […]


The 10-Step Small Business Website Checklist [Infographic]

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Nowadays everything is instant – instant messaging, instant results, instant gratification – catching the attention of a new visitor / customer has never been more challenging. These days you barely have a minute (actually, it’s about 6-seconds, I believe!) to prove to your visitors that your website is worth sticking around for, which is why creating a […]

How To Relieve Stress By Meditation

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The word meditation simply is defined as to be in a continuous contemplative thought or to simply just think about doing something. We all have different types of stress in our lives. Some of us our stressed out over a job,or maybe a relationship,or children,or if you are like most of us you are stressed […]

The Longevity of Links for SEO

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Recently, I had a bit of a breakthrough. As we’ve expanded the agency, I was finally able to use our internal resources to build out & rank our own projects. I’ve always had the mindset of “drinking our own Koolaid”, and as we’ve gone down this path, I recently stumbled into a rabbit hole that […]